Preschool January-March 2020

Hello everyone, our school (both Preschool & After School) is closed this month, but let us get updated about this year.

This is our everyday classroom view. We miss them!

We threw soybeans (mame-maki) for Setsubun. “Demons out! Happiness in!!!”

We made Valentine’s Day cards.

Outside play time. “Jump over the rope!”

How to wash our hands:

From March, we decided not to share crayons, scissors, glues, etc to protect everyone from germs.

So we gave them each a pencil and sketched peach blossoms from Hinamatsuri.

Look at these amazing sketches!!!

We had a short Graduation Ceremony with a small group of people.

Congratulations to class of 2020! We are very proud of you all.

Stay safe everyone, and hope to see you again soon!!!!!