Month: 5月 2018


Children from age 2-3 years old in KYIS enjoy paintings on easel. No boundaries in loving art!!! They are the best artists!!! Look at this abstract painting by a 2-year-old! I say it looks like a horse but some say it looks like a hen. What do you think???

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Preschool – Plum picking in the garden

The children enjoyed plum picking in the garden under the beautiful spring sky. There were many plums this year, and the children were able to count all of them!  How many were there in total…??? We can count to 100 and more!  

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Preschool – Flower arrangement

Spring has come, and with it a beautiful bouquet of flowers.The children helped decorate the classroom with their very own flower arrangements. Our 2 year old students learn from watching their older friends.

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