Thanksgiving Party

We had an early Thanksgiving Party last Friday.

We decorated our window with two big turkeys the children made with our art teacher Ms. Sera.

The party started with students’ violin performance with Ms. Miyou.

2-6 year olds played the violin together

and sang songs with Ms. Toko.

We also enjoyed our music teachers’ concert.

Thank you Mr. Tokunaga, Ms. Toko and Ms. Miyou.

And time for the turkey lunch!!!!! Wow! Big fat turkey! Mmmmmmmm!!!

Thank you Mr. Botsford and Mr. Tokunaga for cutting the turkey!!!

We were thankful for the food, family and friends.

We sang とんぼのめがね in Chinese with Hanajima Laoshi.

In the evening, After School students enjoyed the turkey dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!