Month: 3月 2017

Preschool- Fire Safety

  We learned about fire safety from the fire fighter.   How will you escape from the burning house? Find the ways out!!! We watched fire safety techniques. If your clothes catch on fire… Stop! Drop! and Roll! Cool and Call! What number do you call??? 119!!! Then the fire fighter will come to rescue you!! Cute little fire fighters!! Thank you Mr. Kamimachi!  

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Preschool- Painting Dollhouse Project Part 2

Step 3: Painting Now we are going to paint the dollhouse!!! Choose the color!  Let’s start painting!!! 5 years old! Paint, paint, paint!!! 4 years old!!! Paint, paint, paint!!! 3 years old and 2 years old!!! Wow, great work!!!   We did it!!! Great painting, everyone!! We love it!!!

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Preschool- Painting Dollhouse Project

We are going to paint the dollhouse in our backyard!  Step 1: Cleaning the Dollhouse We used High Pressure Washing Machine to clean the dollhouse. In order to use the machine safely and properly, we got guidance from the Fire Fighter. Important Safety Tips: *NEVER face the machine to your friends!! *NEVER touch the water spouting out from the machine!! *Make sure nobody is around!! Now let&rs

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