Month: 5月 2016

Preschool- Events in May

We had Children’s day and Mother’s day in May. For Children’s day, children enjoyed making paper carp streamers by dyeing papers with the colors they like. All the carp streamers came out very beautifully. For Mother’s day, they made lovely “Thank you” cards to moms.

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Preschool- Daily Activities

In Kamakurayama International School, children choose and decide which work they want to do by themselves. All instructions and works are done in English.  Children grow and develop their new abilities everyday in their daily Montessori, music, art, and language activities.               

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Preschool- Musical

Everyone performed Sound of Music on the graduation day in March very successfully! Now we are practicing Lion King musical after we watched the movie. Children will be performing it at the end of this semester! The musical will feature singing, dancing, and viollin and cello performances.

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